rxvt-unicode 9.09 upgrade

I have taken some time last week to cleanup the rxvt-unicode package and upgrade it to 9.09. This cleanup features some nice new functionally (256 color support) and a package split which will be interesting for multi-language users. The package is now split into four parts (similar to debian) as a lot of options are set at compile time:

  • rxvt-unicode: standard version
  • rxvt-unicode-ml: version enhanced for multi-language support, including unicode3 support
  • rxvt-unicode-256color: standard version with 256color support (TERM will be rxvt-unicode-256color)
  • rxvt-unicode-256color-ml: version enhanced for multi-language support and 256colors

Builds for F13 and F14 are in updates-testing. If you want to try out the 256color support beware of #653081. As a workaround you can run

tic /usr/share/doc/rxvt-unicode-9.09/etc/rxvt-unicode.termcap

which will put the needed terminfo files in ~/.terminfo

Feedback as always welcome.