Running 2013

After a nice and successful year 2012 the running year 2013 is around the corner. Here are my plans so far:

Confirmed half-marathon events:

Planned half-marathon events:

  • BIG 25 Berlin, Berlin Läuft Cup 2/3, 05.05.2013
  • Saarschleife Marathon, 01.09.2013
  • Gourmet Halbmarathon Saarbrücken, 01.09.2013

Other races:

  • ASICS Grand 10 Berlin, 10km, Berlin Läuft Cup 3/3, 14.10.2013

WindowMaker command generated proplist menus

The next-style X11 window manager WindowMaker has been around forever. For a while now development has continued in the -crm branch mainly cleaning up code and integrating patches found in the packages of various linux distributions. Eventually this effort ended up in new official releases.

One of these additions down the road was the tool wmmenugen which can be used to parse xdg style desktop files into proplist files. The generated proplist files can in turn be read by WindowMaker e. g. as menus. However, up to now there was no direct way to dynamically use the proplists generated by wmmenugen as menus.

With this patch series the OPEN_PLMENU option has been added to WindowMaker to allow dynamically generated proplist menus. This allows for some nice dynamic menus like

 "|| find /usr/share/applications -type f -name '*.desktop' | xargs wmmenugen -parser:xdg"

for a well known application menu or

 "|| find ~/Desktop -type f -name '*.desktop' | xargs wmmenugen -parser:xdg"

for a desktop menu.

Fedora users can already test this new feature in rawhide or fedora 18 with this update.