Half-Marathon Events 2011

The beginning of the new year is a good time to pick up where 2010 has finished. Regarding sports this means to choose some running events (half-marathon) to take part in. My list currently looks like this with a big gap in the summer:

1. Mai: Sankt Wendel Marathon
04. September: 14. Saarschleifen Marathon, Merzig
18. September: 2. Gourmet Marathon, Saarbr├╝cken
23. Oktober: Dt. Feuerwehr Meisterschaft Halbmarathon, Dresden

rxvt-unicode 9.09 upgrade

I have taken some time last week to cleanup the rxvt-unicode package and upgrade it to 9.09. This cleanup features some nice new functionally (256 color support) and a package split which will be interesting for multi-language users. The package is now split into four parts (similar to debian) as a lot of options are set at compile time:

  • rxvt-unicode: standard version
  • rxvt-unicode-ml: version enhanced for multi-language support, including unicode3 support
  • rxvt-unicode-256color: standard version with 256color support (TERM will be rxvt-unicode-256color)
  • rxvt-unicode-256color-ml: version enhanced for multi-language support and 256colors

Builds for F13 and F14 are in updates-testing. If you want to try out the 256color support beware of #653081. As a workaround you can run

tic /usr/share/doc/rxvt-unicode-9.09/etc/rxvt-unicode.termcap

which will put the needed terminfo files in ~/.terminfo

Feedback as always welcome.

Master Thesis

Finally it is time to announce that I am nearly finished with my master thesis. I will give my presentation on the topic of “Rotation Invariant Pattern Matching and Rotation Estimation” on 29.02.2008 at MICC, UM. The exact room and location will be announced here shortly.

Bachelor Thesis

Finally after a couple of long, interesting and memorable weeks of work I finished my Bachelor Thesis on “Polynomial Optimization via Recursions and Parallel Computing”. The thesis can be found in the papers section. I will give a talk about it during the 2007 Bachelor Conference of Knowledge Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Maastricht on June 21st (room C-103, TS53). The conference starts at 1100h but I do not know yet which time slot will be allocated form me. I will put the slides up here sometime after the conference. Thanks again to my supervisors at the Department of Mathematics who really made this a great experience.

New paper

As I will give a talk on Advanced Exploitation Techniques kernel backdooring on i386 and amd64 via /dev/mem tomorrow I have uploaded a new paper to the papers section. Have fun and enjoy.